Dr. Winfred Kpodo


  • Over 40 years finance industry experience.
  • An integral part of executive management team, Dr. Kpodo’s direct responsibilities extended throughout domestic and international operations, including worldwide business development, new venture development and implementation, commercial operations, exploration/production strategy, portfolio management and the acquisition and disposition of producing properties, especially in Italian and Irish markets.
  • Experience in dealing with various financial components including Empty-end, Mid-term Notes, Bank Guarantees and Bonds. Also, facilitated raising funds for financing large humanitarian projects in structured trading platform.
  • Provided advisory services for major state-owned oil and gas companies and financial and business advisory services for private sector firms in a number of asset management and financial transactions, high tech, water and energy related industries. Dr. Kpodo is also a Principal and Executive Chairman of Clastek Energy Limited, CEO of Kabakaba Hills Italia srl and of K’galley International Consultants in Italy, an enterprise specializing in petroleum, construction services, water and energy related investments.
  • A strong critical thinker, with strategic vision and negotiation skills having been utilized successfully both in relation to trades and investment disputes.
  • Financial Consultant for various companies and Government Development Corporations for humanitarian, profit and non-profit organizations i.e Boston Consulting(International trade consultant. Officer responsible for strategic and operational marketing and industrial analysis with special focus on various markets – South East Asia, Malaysia, Hong-Kong, Gulf State in the Middle East and all Western European countries). Angel management consultants – Dublin Ireland ( In charge of Italian companies of the emerging Irish markets). 
  • Partner and consultant of Comasmo Group of Segrate (MI) Italy.
  • Worked with Ghana commercial bank (Officer responsible for processing of saving data and return to head office for saving mobilisation policy of the bank between 1979 and 1981) Also served in the capacity of processing and lending agricultural credit to farming communities. 
  • Worked at CARIPLO BANK ITALY (The world’s biggest savings bank) in the short and medium term loans division.