Ms. Susanne Brinch Pedersen (ESQ)


    • Educated in the “Den Danske Bank” Copenhagen, mainly worked with foreign exchange and securities.
    • Major banking, financial and business administration experiences in Denmark, Italy, Switzerland and other European countries with unique relation with several petroleum related institutions and more than 15 years of experiences in the commodities trading and petroleum-bi-products market.
    • Executive Vice-President & CFO Credito & Sviluppo Associazione Per La Promozione Economica for a non-profitable association established under the laws of the Republic of Italy. Credito & Sviluppo arrange project funding for humanitarian and industrial projects in South and Latin America.
    • Consultant for Investment and Financing. Working in the commodity sector (aluminium, oil, gas, ethanol and sugar).
    • Authorized mandate for buyers & sellers of petroleum products.
    • Difko Bank, Denmark – Head of the Custody and Settlement Department.
    • Danish Securities Centre, Denmark – Instructor in the Training Department. Member of the Helpdesk team, which included support to all external users and participating in the development of IT systems in collaboration with the analysts/programmers.
    • Mother tongue: Danish
    • -Other languages:
    • English: excellent
    • German: very good
    • Italian: very good
    • Norwegian: good
    • Swedish: good
    • French: elementary