Our services

Heritage Capital Management

Heritage Capital provides the highest quality financial advice and execution expertise, encompassing:

Financial Advisory and Research

Quality financial, economic and investment research is a hallmark of the firm. Our research analysts strive to uncover developments in the corporate and industry environment ahead of time. The team determines the underlying facts with verification and makes reliable and meaningful assessment to anticipate futuristic trends for an informed decision by our asset management and advisory team. Many investors, local and abroad, and corporate bodies rely on our research results for investment decisions. Our team prepares special in-depth reports covering broad thematic industry conditions and timely reports focused on developing sector conditions, including specific stock highlights and recommendations.
  • Manufacturing and Mining
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Telecoms
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil and gas
The Team undertakes comprehensive research and an analysis on global macro-economic conditions, economy, sectors, listed and unlisted stocks both local and international.

Corporate Finance

HERITAGE CAPITAL offers a range of bespoke corporate finance and advisory services. Our services include the following:

  • Business Valuation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Private Placement Arrangements
  • Corporate and Capital Restructuring
  • Syndication Arrangements
  • Project Financial Advisory
  • Business and Revenue Diversity
  • Fund Raising for Corporate Institutions
  • Initial Public Offering
  • Bond Structuring and Issues
  • Financial Re-engineering
  • Privatizations

Our focus is on providing the most effective and efficient service to our clients. This requires a dedication to elevating the financial and operational health of our clients, and building and maintaining long-term relationships.

Our analytical prowess coupled with our extensive research capabilities enables us to provide our clients with well-researched and evidence based solutions. Our commitment to teamwork and excellence enables us design the most innovative and effective corporate finance solutions to our clients.

Trade Finance

Heritage Capital can assist with any company’s international trade finance needs by handling the entire letter of credit process. Our company can assist you open letters of credit to fulfill inventory financing needs for large and small purchase orders through our purchase order financing scheme, and to provide an enhancement to current banking arrangements. Our expert staff can work with clients to arrange their transfer letter of credit, performance guarantee requirements, cash against document requests and other such trade instruments by using our extensive global banking facilities. Our trade instruments include:
  1. Documentary Letters of Credit
  2. Deferred LCs
  3. Standby Letters of Credit
  4. Bank Guarantees
  5. Project Financial Advisory
  6. Business and Revenue Diversity
  7. Performance Guarantees (Performance Bond)
  8. Proof of Funds
  9. RWA messages
  10. Escrow Services

Due Diligence

Detailed Customer Due Diligence (DCDD)

Heritage Capital in collaboration with our partners offer extended services to organizations (financial and non-financial) that seek to know more and have in-depth information on the customers and clients they seek to engage or are already engaging. This requires a rigorous and extensive forensic investigation into their source of funds, business activities, ties with local or foreign organizations, associations or groups they join, and other such classified information needed to better inform one on how to conduct business with customers.

Employee Personal / Professional Profile and Background Check

We also conduct extensive employee profile and background check, both local and internationally. With our state of the art technology and professional forensic investigators on board, you are assured of quality human resource that will drive your firm to higher heights in achieving great results and realization of visions and missions.

Threat Assessment and Mitigation.

We also provide services for threat assessment and security vulnerabilities that may exist in organizations and help eliminate them before they cause problems. We do so in the area of electronic document assessment, file transfer, data security and encryption, classification of files and resources, etc.

Security Advancing & Defense (cyber-security)

Heritage Capital is in partnership with intelligence experts that have a dedicated team of Security Professionals who are trained to administer and perform security advancing for individual and corporate institutions. This is done by ensuring that all locations, sites, and routes to be used by protectees are scanned ahead of time for potential threats for safe and successful movements.

Onsite Intelligence Gathering

We train or support the customer service division or receptionists of corporate institutions and individuals to anticipate, monitor, track and shadow visitors, contractors and other persons with limited security clearance who visit places or offices of high security alerts or limited access.

Cyber-security programs

By putting in place proper cyber-security assessments and audits, your organization can define the right strategy and growth/expansion program to protect your sensitive data and assets. Heritage Capital intelligence partners provide a master class cyber-security intelligence, military intelligence, VIP protection, 1st AID and operational driving courses to individuals, institutions, security agencies and organizations (both private and government).