Dr. Angelo Maestri


  • Assistant to the Chief Operative Officer at UGM-Milano SpA, a company designing and manufacturing industrial boilers.
  • Assistant to the Chief Administration, Finance and Control Officer of Girola Group -Milan/Rome construction of large infrastructural projects throughout the world.
  • Chief Financial Officer of Girola Group. In charge of the management of treasury and finance. Coordinated the organization and the subscription by a pool of Italian and foreign banks of a medium-term loan amounting to 30 billion ITL and managed a contract of ‘currency swap ‘ of 15 million USD. Held “DIRECTOR” positions in several subsidiaries within the group, especially abroad (Africa, South America), and in joint ventures for the development of large projects through ‘project financing’.
  • Head of the department of ‘project financing’ and investments in the environmental sector for IMI – Tradital (Milan / Rome). At that time, IMI was a state-owned bank and the lender par excellence of public institutions.
  • Founded an operating holding company with the aim to acquire – in association with established operators – stakes in projects with quick turnover and high leverage.
  • Provided and still provides corporate financial advice.
  • Fluent in Italian, English, French and Spanish.
  • Master in FOREX Trading (Citibank – London)